Korinthia A. Klein

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Most of my writing can be found on my blog.

I was a paid writer for a few years for a now-defunct parenting site called Babble. I wrote an essay in 2007 for them about my experiences as a parent while my husband was deployed the first time, and another when he returned. They hired me on as a personal blogger for the duration of his second deployment, and let me (and a lot of other bloggers) go after Disney took over the site. I was proud to have my blog named one of the Top Military Mom Blogs at Mom.me, which also published this essay about helping other military families.

All of my old writing for Babble can be found in the archive on my blog, as well as all of my blog posts since then. I don’t have as much time for it as I would like, but I still love my blog. If you want to get to know me, that’s where to look.

My essay entitled Amazing Grace, about playing guitar for my grandfather on his deathbed and the power of music and what it can do, was recorded for This I Believe on public radio. It still gets played occasionally around Thanksgiving because it’s a holiday story that makes people cry. That essay was also included in the collection This I Believe: On Love.

My feelings about cursive can be read here on The Broad Side.

My essay Lessons on Love is on Rewire Me.

I have been a contributing essayist to my local public radio station, including this piece I wrote after my first novel was published.