Korinthia A. Klein

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I was born in Detroit, and raised in a tiny suburb called Pleasant Ridge. As a kid I gravitated toward art, then settled on music, starting on the violin in third grade in public school and switching to viola in high school and majoring in that instrument in college at The Ohio State University. I graduated with a BA in Music with Distinction in Music Cognition, and then went on to study lutherie at the New World School of Violin Making. I taught private lessons for many years, and currently play viola with an orchestra called Festival City Symphony, and mandola with the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra. As my day job I run a small violin shop called Korinthian Violins with my husband in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have three kids, a noisy bird, and a weird little dog.

Of all the things I ever did in school, writing came the most naturally. I read all the time. I used whatever writing skills I had for practical purposes and didn’t think they were anything special. The idea of writing a book myself was always appealing, but I didn’t have it in my mind that there were stories I needed to tell until I was home with small children. I was feeling frustrated about not having a project to do. Violin making was difficult to find time for, and not something I could do with a baby in my lap. I wanted something that was mine. Something portable.

I figured there was no time limit on writing a novel. That could be a project I pondered and poked at for years if I wanted. I could walk around with my kids at the zoo or the park and observe things around me in new ways, and develop characters in my head. Seemed like the perfect background project to my busy life.

Except that writing fiction turned out to be a blast. I had no idea it could be that fun. And once I also realized a novel could be a way to work through certain fears and concerns I had in my own life, I dove in and produced a full draft, and then two more. My life became complicated as my husband was deployed twice and then we opened our own business, but eventually I completed my first book, Almost There, in April 2013. It took a while to get back to the other novels I started, but the second novel, Seducing Cat, was finally released it May 2019. I’m excited for the release of Just Friends, Just War when it is ready.

I’m still a violin maker who runs her own shop. I’m still a musician with rehearsals I need to practice for. I’m still a mom and a wife and a daughter and a sister and a friend, but at least two books in I’m starting to embrace the label “novelist” as something I am worthy of, too. I may have come to it late, but I love it.

Thank you for reading.